The AllWorldU
Performance Training Company

Custom Training Programs. Professional Coaching.
Virtual Training Center.

The best training isn’t generic, it’s custom.

We believe the best training is both science and art. We do NOT believe in generic workouts or template schedules – only custom programs.

That’s why we’re focused on progress, not fads. We follow results and data, not the industry. We’re focused on becoming the best training company.

We’re a different type of performance training company.

The typical training company is broken, so we created a new type of company: AllWorldU.

Instead of coaching athletes to achieve arbitrary goals, AllWorldU helps athletes as completely unique individuals.


The One-Size-Fits-All Company

The typical company provides generic plans that group athletes together. Their athletes underachieve and get injured frequently. 


100% Custom Training Company

For 13+ years, we’ve provided only 100% custom programs.

Our company offers all-in-one solutions that deliver accountability, direct communication and human interaction so our athletes can maximize their performance and achieve all of their goals in life. 

Our company mission is to bring customized programs to people in every country.

AllWorldU was founded by Scott Fishman in 2006.

AllWorldU Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an individual or team.

The company core values at AllWorldU empower our commitment to helping people through our custom training methodology.

The Best Training Company

We strive to be the best training company anywhere because we’re committed to helping people achieve life goals.

After 13+ years of helping hundreds of people on 6 continents, we’ve discovered something.

There’s no big secret behind it.

Truth is, the best training is custom training. 

AllWorldU is More Than A Plan

We believe in education but not in the traditional sense.

One of the recurring truths we’ve witnessed about students is that one’s ability to learn is greatly influenced by their resources.

We provide tools for elite athletes and amateur athletes to learn and succeed.

Constant Pursuit Of Your Best

Everyone knows life is about the journey, but few understand how to maximize it truly.

We believe we’ve cracked the code, and it’s a lot easier than people think.

It’s through the constant pursuit of your best performance through intelligent workouts that lead to your best results and your best life. 


It all starts with honesty.

We must be honest about our life goals.

And this is sometimes hard.

But when we’re honest about our life goals, our truth is unlocked.

Big Goals

Goals just aren’t good enough.

We believe in big goals.

Go all-in and become obsessed with your best.

Fearlessness comes from crushing fear.

Don’t let fear hold you back from going big.

Set big goals, no matter where you are in life.

Stay True To The Numbers

Success is a numbers game.

Think in numbers: goals, plans and progress.

Track everything.

Whether you’re working at a personal or professional goal, our company launched a free tracker to help you achieve your goals faster.

Get started with our calories calculator, body mass index calculator, and Vo2 max calculator.

Success Is The Ultimate Fun

Success is fun. And we believe in both success and fun.

The real fun is only possible if we resist short-term fun for long-term fun.

We chase the goals that are important to us.

It’s all about the long game and we stay true to becoming our best.

24/7. Anywhere. Anytime.

As part of our commitment to custom training, we’ve launched an app with calculators.

If you’re like us, you crave progress.

We all want to know how we can become our best.

You can use our tools anywhere. Anytime.

Be Different

Most people never chase their biggest goals.

And the ones that do rarely commit to their best.

We refuse to be like that. 

Better Performance, Better World

Everything is performance. Maximizing our overall health and human performance is a way of life.

For us, chasing our best performance is the compass to a fulfilled life.

As a result, the world we live in gets better too.