Your goals. Our plan. The winning combination.

From the start, AllWorldU set out to be a different type of training company. One that not only focused on human performance but also life. We’re a real community, a part of your real journey.

Learn with us and you’ll see: we are so much more than training. We call our clients teammates because we are one team in shared success. We’re committed to helping people through the lens of customization – from our commitment to the most custom training programs on planet earth to the way we work with people to maximize life.


To inspire and empower maximum human performance – one mind, one body and one healthy lifestyle at a time.


Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an individual or team. The company core values at AllWorldU align our commitment to helping people through our custom training methodology.

With our community, our training and our athletes at our core, we live these values:

  • Serving others as completely unique individuals.
  • Helping people crush goals worldwide.
  • Disrupting the health industry, challenging the status quo.
  • Focusing on maximizing results.
  • 24/7. Anywhere. Anytime.

The One-Size-Fits All Company

The typical company provides generic workouts and plans that group athletes together. Their athletes underachieve and get injured frequently.


100% Custom Training Company

For 14+ years, we’ve provided only 100% custom programs. Our company offers all-in-one solutions that deliver accountability, direct communication, and human interaction so our athletes can maximize their performance and achieve all of their goals in life. We’re dedicated to bringing customized programs to people in every country.

AllWorldU was founded by Scott Fishman in 2006. We believe the best training is both science and art. We do NOT believe in generic workouts or template schedules – only custom programs. That’s why we’re focused on progress, not fads. We follow results and data, not the industry. We’re focused on becoming the best training company.

Better Performance, Better World

Everything is performance. Maximizing our overall health and human performance is a way of life. For us, chasing our best performance is the compass to a fulfilled life. As a result, the world we live in gets better too.