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Vo2 Max Calculator

VO2 Max Calculator

Vo2 Max Calculator helps athletes calculate their Vo2 max and improve their training. The term Vo2 max is also known as maximal aerobic capacity, maximal oxygen uptage or maximal oxygen consumption. It’s a predictor of your potential as an endurance athlete as well as your overall health.

Vo2 max is your ability to get oxygen. If your Vo2 max is high, you consume oxygen well. And if your Vo2 max is low, you do not consume oxygen well. Higher Vo2 max equals better fitness. 

With marathon runners and triathletes, Vo2 max assesses endurance and helps with tracking your training progress.

Yes, you can increase your Vo2 max. If you upgrade your training, your Vo2 max will increase. And if you lose weight, you will improve your Vo2 max too because you don’t have to move as much mass. 

Generally, better training and healthier lifestyle habits will improve your numbers.

Yes, higher Vo2 max is better. Why? Because it measures the volume of oxygen, you can transport around your body. If you can transport oxygen well, then that indicates you have a healthy cardiovascular system.

If your Vo2 max increases, then that means you can consume more oxygen and deliver it more efficiently to your body. In doing so, you’ll be able to perform at higher levels.

According to scientific research, the American Heart Association recommends people regularly calculate their Vo2 max. 

In addition to tracking your training, Vo2 max is a critical metric in assessing your overall health.

Since oxygen is critical to staying alive, your Vo2 max is an invaluable measure of your health.

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