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Training to lose weight or body fat? Our Calories Calculator estimates how many calories you need each day. Less uncertainty, more clarity.

Our Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator helps measure your body fat based on height and weight. And determines if you’re at a healthy weight.

Based on scientific research and the data you enter, we our Protein Intake Calculator calculates your optimal daily protein intake.

Aerobic Capacity Calculator, or Vo2 Max Calculator, is intended for every type of athlete who wants to know their maximal aerobic capacity.

We also work one-on-one with various ambitious people, like:

Elite Athletes

No matter your sport, we can help you achieve big goals. The bigger the better. We customize it all. Find your superpower in customization.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Going to the gym? Never go again without a custom workout. Discover your best fitness. Body. Mind. Lifestyle. Customization is the new black.

Health Afficianados

Without your health, there’s no such thing as a happy life. One plan for all your health goals. Anywhere. Anytime. This will change your life.

Marathon Runners

Faster marathon times. Without injury. Never settle for generic workouts or template schedules again.

We don't design training plans, we design custom training plans that work.

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New Feature: Find out how many calories you need to eat/drink to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight.

When you enter your age, height, weight, and workout routine, this app will calculate the number of calories you need to lose one pound per week, lose two pounds per week, gain weight, or maintain weight. Based on these numbers, you can set goals for calories.

The best tracker is one that helps you maximize your results. A question asked by many and luckily answered by few. There is no exact answer to this question because it all depends on the goal you want to achieve. Some goal's ideal metrics are different than other goals. The best advice on this topic is keeping it simple, focusing on the main numbers, and monitoring consistently.

This app is very helpful when you are:

  1. Assessing your health and fitness. Quickly analyze the most important workout analytics by entering numbers you already know.
  2. To track if you are not progressing towards your goals and therefore vulnerable to being in the 98% of people fail to achieve their goals.
  3. Just to get a quick overview of your training for a specific goal.

Tracking your training is a simple way to achieve more goals. It is important to track your most important metrics: nutrition, health, and fitness to make sure your training plan is progressing you. In addition to your workouts, lifestyle factors like lifestyle and performance play a major role in better results when trying to achieve goals.