Fitness Training Programs: Getting Started With Training

Types of Fitness Training Programs

What Are The Different Types Of Fitness Training Programs?

There are many different types of fitness training programs. Whether you’re committing to a beginner to intermediate training plan, or advanced athlete training, your type of fitness training program has a significant impact on your training results. 

Here are a few of the different types of fitness training programs that are popular in 2020: 

1. Weight training
2. Weight lifting
3. Strength & conditioning
4. Endurance training

How Do You Structure A Fitness Program?

Structuring a fitness program is all about customization. Most fitness programs are NOT structured this way.

Even though there’s more information about structuring a fitness program than back in the day, they are still rarely structured intelligently (look at generic workouts and template training schedules).

Here’s the deal with structuring a fitness program. Whether you want to improve your athletic performance, lose weight, gain weight, tone up, get healthy, or you want to achieve all of the above, you have four options:
-Generic workouts
-Template training schedules
-Semi-custom training plans
-100% custom training plans

Whether you are doing 100% custom training, or not, here is a simple three-step process for structuring for your fitness program:
Step 1. Assess your current fitness
Step 2. Set goals based on your current fitness
Step 3. Design your workouts based on your current fitness

What Should A Fitness Program Include?

A correctly structured fitness program gets excellent results.

And unlike one-size-fits-all fitness programs, a correctly structured fitness program can prevent injury too.

That’s why you need a balance of workouts precisely targeted to your individual needs, with a specific purpose, and gradually progressed.

That said:

There’s no such thing as “the best workout” for everyone.

Of course not.

In fact, there’s more to structuring a fitness program than cramming workouts together.

To achieve all of your fitness goals, you also need to optimize your healthy lifestyle habits.

Best Ways To Burn Fat

Understanding how to burn fat is a fundamental training skill.

Burning fat will help you perform better, feel better and look better too.

But let’s start with the basics:

Start with an Assessment

The best first step to speed up your fat burning is to assess your current body fat percentage.

Just click the link below and assess your body fat %.

Body Fat Percentage Charts

Fitness Training Programs: Getting Started With Training