Best Online Coaching Platforms: The 2020 Guide

Best Online Coaching Platforms: The 2020 Guide 

Online coaching platforms can be an under-appreciated success factor in training programs that lead to your best results. 

The web or mobile app you use must not only help you get results, but the software must target your specific training goals better than other platforms, as well as fit in with your life.

The best online coaching platforms do just that.

We decide to eat healthier, lose weight, lose fat, get stronger, achieve athletic goals and live a better life. 

If yous search for a digital coaching platform, you’ll see that many software companies claim to be an “all-in-one” solution. 

So we sign up for a free trial and later pay for an online subscription. 

But something happens. 

We learn that essential features are missing. 

And finally, here’s the kicker, how can you help provide the best online coaching platform without understanding the person’s individual needs? You can’t. 

Asking yourself what the best option for you is is a crucial planning step that will help you find the best platform for you.

I concluded that there is not one online coaching platform on planet earth that is actually all-in-one.

Type in “online coaching platform” into Google and see for yourself.

99.9% of these platforms online even scratch the surface of all-in-one. But some get close. 

The Best of The Best

In this 2020 guide, I’m going to share the best online coaching platforms with you PLUS save you time, money, and energy.

You’ll get answers to the following questions:

  • Why do so many training companies love online coaching?
  • What are the best online coaching platforms?
  • How to select the best online coaching platforms

Why Do The Best Training Companies Love Online Coaching?

The best online coaching platforms help coaches, trainers, and athletes perform better.

Before the digital technology boom in the health and fitness industry, a coach relied on a pen and paper. 

But digital coaching companies were looking to improve their tools to help clients get better results. 

Mission accomplished.

In 2020, here is why people typically invest in these apps and software:

  • Build coaching programs
  • Design training plans
  • Streamline schedules
  • Coaching resources
  • Training tips
  • Set and track goals
  • Deliver content
  • Visualize analytics in a dashboard
  • Send and receive invoices/payments
  • Access it everywhere

The coach or trainer can help more people as well as grow their teams efficiently. 

It’s a win-win for both the client and the person they hired to help them. 

What Are The Best Online Coaching Platforms?

Here are some of the online coaching platforms that I find to be the best:

  • Trainerize
  • Healthie
  • SimplePractice
  • TrueCoach
  • Nudge
  • Noomii
  • CoachCatalyst
  • LifeCoachOffice
  • CoachForce
  • YourEarthAngel



The Trainerize onboarding process has you answer a few basic questions, and then you get directed to their mobile app. 

Within seconds, you receive helpful onboarding tutorials to get started. 

I find Trainerize to be best for client management and two-way communication between clients and their trainer/coach.

Trainerize makes it super simple to look at and analyze your metrics in your dashboard.

After reading reviews, I observed that a lot of people like Trainerize because it integrates easily with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and Withings.

Plus, the design of the Trainerize app is neat.



Healthie offers a semi-white-labeled, custom look that matches your business. They also provide fully-white-labeled solutions but aren’t offered through their website. 

According to Healthie, businesses spend 40% of their workday on back-office tasks, and Healthie helps you save time.

The Healthie platform lets you create programs for yourself or clients, and the dashboard is truly a time saver.

Some of the options for customizing plans through their dashboard:

  • Rolling start option: Clients can enroll at any time, and content is made available to clients based on the schedule.
  • Fixed start option: You pick a date for the program to start, and all clients follow the same schedule.
  • Add video link (URL) from Youtube and other sites such as Vimeo and Loom.
  • Quickly and easily add content modules: forms, documents, emails, videos.
  • Form builders provide in-depth templates, including nutrition assessments and other consent forms.
  • The calendar shows pending appointments and availability (one-time or weekly).
  • The dashboard also offers the option to embed and syncing the calendar with you or your client.
  • Intake flows help systemize the step-by-step process for your client with the ability to add forms to the flows.
  • You can easily add clients or groups to programs.
  • Schedule initial consultations and follow up sessions in person or on the phone through their appointment scheduler. 
  • Set appointments to repeat.
  • Preview feature to see how the intake flows will appear when your clients receive your communication.
  • E-signature integration allows clients to sign intake forms effortlessly.
  • Get client reports, including appointments, programs, billings, and payments.
  • Recommend supplements.
  • Emojis for adding comments.
  • See the client’s latest activity.
  • Integrate with your current website through a link that redirects to sign-in page.

Healthie is a powerful solution that offers its users a way to expand their scope of services, grow their leads, and help more clients. 

This wellness-focused app integrates various online tools into its software and is especially valuable for health coaches with a nutrition emphasis.



SimplePractice allows you to access your clients, appointments, billing, and notes in one secure, HIPAA-compliant system. 

The design is super clean and professional, plus the development of this software is heavenly. 

SimplePractice was named the #1 Most Popular Mental Health Software. 

The dashboard can serve health and wellness professionals well, but it has more of a medical vibe to it. And that’s why I think it is best for mindset coaches.

Here are some of the benefits its users seem to enjoy most about Simple Practice:

  • Manage your contact history with a client.
  • Easily record calls, emails, and any other types of client-related information.
  • Access billing details.
  • Review a client’s payment history, appointments, and balance due.
  • Add an administrative note for a team member about a particular client, or as a reminder for yourself later.
  • When a client has a balance, you can click on client balance and view their unpaid invoices.
  • Securely store documents 
  • Store any client-related files
  • Simple Practice does not limit the amount or type of files
  • Go paperless
  • Securely share custom intake forms and documents: questionnaires, releases of information, and more.



TrueCoach caters to gym owners and personal trainers. 

The design of their platform is modern and concentrates on building workout programs and video libraries along with real-time messaging. 

TrueCoach allows personal trainers to scale their business while improving the client experience. 

Let’s look at how they do it.

  • Goal setting focused dashboard.
  • Workout logging allows clients to track their workouts and analyze their training. 
  • Commenting and question functionality is simple through the TrueCoach mobile app.
  • Trainers can store training videos or link directly to videos hosted on Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Create a video library with just a few clicks.
  • Real-time messaging is in one place, so coach-to-client communication is simple for both the client and the coach.
  • Custom metrics so trainers and clients can easily see trends and track progress towards specific goals.
  • Client management options are easily accessible.
  • Add new clients, deliver workout plans, track progress, and improve communication.
  • Automatically notify your clients about upcoming workouts ahead of time through email notifications.
  • Notifications allow coaches to get reminded when it’s time to schedule their client’s workouts.
  • Track exercise history and metrics. 
  • Customize programs for each client.
  • Nutrition tracking through macronutrient intake.
  • Team accounts for multiple coaches and exercise and program library to scale business.
  • Minimal customization of design.
  • Compliance tracking analysis.
  • 7, 30, and 90-day compliance rates calculated by the number of exercises completed versus the number of exercises assigned.
  • They also offer a free 14-day trial.



NudgeCoach is a powerful tool for health and fitness professionals. 

The platform allows coaches to interact with clients and follows all HIPAA compliance, as needed. Their mobile-friendly software looks great for client engagement too.

Through a more personalized and interactive focus, NudgeCoach gives health and fitness professionals the ability to serve their clients in one dynamic place.

This type of coaching platform is best for coaches that want to reach their clients everywhere. If you wish to personalize your client’s experience, this is a powerful platform! 

The NudgeCoach platform also allows not only client engagement, but it also helps with establishing healthy habits (health and unhealthy habits), track progress, and ultimately empower your clients to change their life for the better.

Best Online Coaching Platforms: The 2020 Guide