Athlete Training Program: Great Athletes Train This Way

How do the best athletes train?

Train Like A Professional Athlete

Your Athlete Training Program: The Fundamentals

Your athlete training program (also called “sports performance training program”, “strength and conditioning training program”, “or athletic training plan”) is the roadmap you follow to reach a goal. Got an athletic goal? Let’s say you begin your athlete training.

You complete your athlete training program and achieve your goal. Great!

Now, you want to achieve more athletic goals.

But you get stuck and can’t seem to improve.

What to do?

You start to think:

How do athletes train?

But you want more.

So you think:

How do professional athletes train?

In this article, I’ll share with you the four steps you MUST practice if you plan on maximizing results from your athlete training program.

Let’s go through the fundamentals of a great athlete training program that works!

1. Set your goals

Set Athletic Goals

Granted that you know what you want to accomplish, setting your goals should be the first step in your athlete training strategy. Our goal setting worksheet will help you to make sure your goal setting strategy is science-backed. If you’re starting out with goal setting, free writing will help. Just put pen to paper and write what comes to your mind. Everything you want to accomplish. Don’t lift the pen. Just write. Afterward, write your goals down in the present tense. Attach a goal achievement date to your goals. Prioritize them.

2. Create a plan

Best Wokout Plans

Generic workouts and template training schedules are not for athletes. And, to maximize your athlete training results, you need a custom training plan. The reason for this: everyone has their athlete footprint. You are unique. Your workouts will get you the best results if targeted to your current fitness. So, if you want to make more progress, you need a custom training plan (not just a workout). So make sure to get that from a professional.

3. Track your progress

Track Your WorkoutsMake sure you are tracking your numbers. What are your intensities? How much volume are you doing? Do you know your weekly and monthly gains? Keep an eye on your numbers.

4. Be accountable to someone else

Personal Trainer Fitness Coach

As I already mentioned in step 2, athletes have custom training plans. Athletes also train with coaches. A coach designs your custom plan and keeps you accountable. Make sure your coach understands how to create a training plan properly.

And then what?

The truth is that athlete training is more than these four steps. It’s only the start. And there are more steps you need to take to elevate your high performance. To achieve your biggest goals, you need to put in a real effort: hard, smart, and consistent.

Your lifestyle has to be amazing, your training has to remain flawless (and that’s not possible when you are self-coached or following cookie-cutter training plans), and you’ll have to keep working at it. The only way to do that, in the long run, is to make sure that you are focused on your goals. If you want to achieve your biggest goals, make sure your training plan is the very best. Good luck!


Scott Fishman is the founder of AllWorldU. He’s coached hundreds of athletes on 6 continents. Some of his clients include coaches, trainers, physical therapists, doctors, and elite athletes.

Athlete Training Program: Great Athletes Train This Way